New Adventures


Me in Chicago, at the Ralph Lauren Restaurant last June

Welcome! Thanks for visiting, I thought I’d start off by telling you about myself and how this blog came about.

I am the fourth of five sisters. I was born in Iran but grew up in Toronto. I’ve been with my now husband, Caleb, for ten years. #love. I’ve worked in Marketing/Communications for almost 10 years now and love what I do because I get to be creative and work in any industry. I love to travel and have visited 17 countries and over 30 cities (as of April 2016).

MRMy sister and I ran a blog together called – it was a great way for us to meet and interview interesting women, share stories about our adventures and create content that interested us outside of our full-time jobs. After five years of having fun and working together, we realized our full-time jobs, married lives and conflicting schedules made it hard for us to continue to give ListenMR the love that it deserves, so we slowly said goodbye; which led me to this new site!

I am excited to share even more stories, from my adventures in life and travel to interviews with more kick-ass women to everything else that I get excited about, like fashion to interior decor and food!

Thanks for joining me on my new adventure. Let’s do this.