Interview with Rebecca

Rebecca Jacobs is a personal stylist, business woman and social media darling. This woman does it all! She’s gaining more eyes on her effortless and whimsical style, inspiring everyone with her helpful style tips, and rocking her Instagram account. Seriously, this woman is #instagramgoals!


M: Tell me about How did this business idea come about?

R: is a rebrand from The rebrand was a shift from the embrace of all my passion to a focus on where I feel like I have the most unique expertise and capacity to help: in women’s style.

The idea came from my own style journey. Style was an area of discomfort and stress for me. I was spending too much money or fighting against the desire to. I never felt like I had anything to wear even though my closet was overwhelmingly full. When I was struggling, I realized that it wasn’t that I was bad at style (as I had obviously assumed) it was that I was using a broken system that I was set up to fail in.

So I figured out how I could make it better for me—I started looking at what was really important to me to communicate through my clothes, thinking of my closet as a system instead of a collection, and started setting some frameworks for my style to thrive in…and then I realized I had found something valuable that could make a difference in more lives than just mine.

M: How do you balance your day job and your side job?

R: This is something I get asked a lot and my answer is both simple and complicated: I prioritize. Which doesn’t mean I get to do everything I would like to do, but it means I do the most impactful thing to be doing in every moment.

To me it’s a simple principle: if you know your path, and you take continuous steps towards your goal, you move forward—there’s no other way you can go.

But in more practical terms, it looks like an early bedtime and wakeup, with a morning routine that sets me up for a productive day…it looks like only hanging out on one social media platform, an often messy apartment, and missing a lot of emails…

M:  You’re gaining a huge following on IG and just entered the world of YouTube; do you plan ahead and strategize what you’re going to tackle next?

R: Haha—to one person it’s huge, but me I see it as small but mighty.

I do plan ahead in that I pick one to go deep on. I go deep on Instagram and am always hanging out there and getting to know people. YouTube is less of my next hang out place and it’s my content delivery system. I don’t have plans to add on another platform yet.

M: Your mom is a pediatrician and your dad is an engineer – where did you come from? lol How did you nurture your creative/artistic instincts and talents?

R: It’s not the first time I’ve heard that! But, the work I do—the style I teach and the business I run—it’s art + systems. I really do have the right-brain, left-brain and I enjoy using both of them! So I guess half that is accounted for…and the other half…that’s a mystery!

M: Do you have a mentor?

R: I think what’s beautiful about the way people share content today is that we are able to have mentors from a far. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve taken some online courses and consider many of these women my mentors.

M: How do you stay motivated in work and in creativity?

R: I just LOVE it. I wish I had a better answer. But I do know if I spend too much time in that energy of motivation and discipline and ploughing through on my computer, I end up burnt out. So I know I need to sprinkle in regular time spent connecting with people—especially those who my work is impacting.

M: Who are your style icons? Where do you draw inspiration from?

R: I do keep some thorough Pinterest boards for inspiration! But the women who come to mind are Olivia Palermo and Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific for their sophisticated but playful style. I have followed Maja Wyh since I discovered style blogs and have been so inspired by her distinctive signature style that has lasted through the years.


M:  What is one thing every successful woman needs in her closet?

R: This isn’t very exciting but it’s the one item I can think of that is truly universal—it’s what I call your ‘Goldilocks’ bag. It’s the one that you love and works with your outfits, but most importantly, it’s the one that actually holds all the things you carry on a regular basis comfortably. So often we buy handbags for the bag without thinking of the stuff that goes inside it.

M: What advice do you have for someone trying to grow their IG or social media following?

R: Growing any social following is two part:

1) Bringing new people to your profile, and 2) Giving them a reason to stay once they get there.

Depending on what you have to offer and the people you want to connect with, you can figure out how you are going to draw people in and what content you are going to create that resonates with them once they get there. Make sense?


M:  What are your top 3 visited websites? Why?

R: Ah! This was the hardest question!! If I’m taking this question literally it is Google Docs (where I write everything), my own website (where all my content lives + I’m constantly adding to), and either Pinterest or YouTube! I consume my content and inspiration through podcasts and Instagram which means my internet browser is usually where I’m being a creator instead of a consumer!


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